Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Week of School

A few really great things have happened since we've been home. The first to be mentioned is that Ophelia started school on Tuesday. She is going Tues, Wed, Thurs. in the am! I swear first day of school is better than Christmas! It certainly looked like Christmas. The day before it snowed so thick I thought they might cancel. Who has their first day of school canceled because of a snow day? Only those who start in the middle of the year, like us. We are starting slowly to get her acclimated. But, I can't wait till she goes every day, better than Christmas, it'll be like Hanukkah. A little gift every day. Her first day she did great. She wasn't afraid and played with the kids. I tried to scan her report sheet for the day but it didn't work. I was trying to be a big braggy braggy mom. Basically it said that Ophelia was as happy as if she'd been going to school there since fall. She sang and danced with Sylvia the music teacher who plays the guitar. She played on the swing and slides with a little boy. She totally likes to play with boys over girls. I think its because of her favorite person on the planet (aside from me) her cousin Matt. Of course. When I ask her what she did at school that day, she tells me what she had for snack. Like mother like daughter. First things first right? The next days were a bit more of a challenge. When she realized that she HAD to go to school she was a little less excited. Wednesday she clutched to me when I tried to drop her off and threw a wholly fit. This lovely child of mine is capable of the most fantastic dramatic effects. I knew she would be ok but it made leaving just a tad less blissful. I went and worked out at the gym (yay!!!) and when I came to pick her up she was also at the little school gym wrastling (yes I did mean to spell it that way. Wrestling is a sport wrastling is just messing around) with all the boys and was running around with two giant blow up footballs. There is no way I could be convinced that her school experience was anything less than AWESOME! But the next morning you would never know it. Immediately upon awakening, when I tried to get her from her crib, still rubbing sleep out of my eyes she pulled the "screaming wet noodle" trick. In this little diddy she throws up her arms and and the rest of her body goes limp all while somehow screaming in your face. I think that homeland security should look into this as a possible first line of defense. Only the true love of your child would allow you to pass through its barriers in a calm and strategic manner. All of the rest would go running for...dear God make that horrendous noise stop. There is however, a light at the end of my tunnel. If we can get through breakfast and into the car, which we barely could, try putting a winter jacket and boots on a fitfully strong piece of high pitched vermicelli. There will be a teacher, dawning her superhero cape and invisible force field armed with crackers and processed cheese awaiting my little villainous fake hater of school. They tell me when I leave that I can call as often as I'd like. I'm confused. Why would I want to do that? I guess some mothers cry when they drop their children off at school for the first time. If I did they were tears of joy quickly erased over an uninterrupted cup of coffee with my mother. When I arrive to pick Ophelia up 2 hours and 50 minutes later she hardly even notices me. I have to call out her name three times before she even looks up. They tell me that she cried for a whole minute before she stopped. Didn't shed a true tear and played with the best of them for the rest of the day. When I asked her what she did at school today she told me she ate pretzel crackers. No mention of improving homeland security or turning to the dark side as I had anticipated. Just your average day of pretzels and play.

The other great thing that I almost forgot to mention is that Ophelia's new favorite song is Look Alive by Visqueen. She makes me play it over and over again in the car. I can't complain it's one of my fave songs too. Don't know who that is??? Hmmm does that make my kid cooler than you??? Totally.

When I said a few great things. I'm in the active practice of trying to be positive. It's still crappy outside and I haven't seen the sun since I've been here. So until that sun decides to shine, it's still just a few things. Better than none aye?! Don't forget my kid's most likely cooler than you!!!! She's my punk rock girl.


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