Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Babies and Bodas

Hmmm. I wonder where Ophelia learned that little move. Thats what you get when you let the kids play with their uncle.

By the way, boda means wedding in Spanish. Just in case you were confused by the title of this lil blog.
These are just a couple kid pics from the wedding. I didn't get any of the actual wedding because our good friend and lady of all trades Ali Geier took tons of pictures. As soon as they are up on her blog I will let you know.

The little girl in blue is O's friend Lettie. Her mom babysits for Ophelia and sometimes she comes along. She loves to dress up so we thought she might want to come to the wedding. Isn't she a cutie.

O was the flower girl for my cousin's wedding and this is the dress she wore. Our housekeeper Amelia bought it for her in La Paz. It was perfect. The little boy sitting next to O is Isak the ring bearer. This is them letting loose after all of their wedding responsabilites. By the end of the evening their wedding clothes were soaked and they could not have been happier. Even Lettie got in in her blue dress.

These are the tranquil pictures of the evening. Things picked up quite a bit as the night progressed. We hired salsa dancers to teach us some moves. Some of us took what we learned and brought it out on the town. Those pictures are to follow. Things got a little rowdy. We crashed a dance contest at the local salsa club. I'll say no more but you can look forward to that post.


At March 14, 2008 at 11:19 AM , Blogger Karen said...

These pictures are crazy adorable Anni! O looked like a little princess in that beautiful dress!


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