Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Love Mambo Cafe...and Eachother

I successfully did not take one picture of Amy and Brandon's wedding. I took a whole bunch of the kids during the wedding and a WHOLE bunch of the after party. But if you want to see
Pictures of the actual wedding and cute couply pictures you have to go to the pro's. Ali our photographer just got a few of her like 600 (I'm not kidding) pictures up. You should check out her blog at They are are pretty fantastic.

If you want to see what what happens after the wedding's over, the Bramjito's start kicking in and a salsa lesson, you come to me. The pictures aren't so perfect and things are getting a little messy but that's the fun and man do we all super love each other. See that last picture. The one handed, squeeze all your heads in, smile so big it eats your face, shoot right up your nose picture??? Yah I have like a hundred of those. I will spare you most of them but I had to share to prove how fantastic we all thought we were.
Speaking of fantastic. Remember how I just mentioned we took an hour salsa lesson at the Villia Miguel reception??? Well we thought we were so fantastic that we'd take our skills to the streets, and hit Cabo's version of the Copa Cabana and go salsa dancing. Little did we know that they were holding a pretty serious dance contest (they had dance numbers on and everything). Little did we care. We totally crashed it. We came to dance and thats what we were gonna do. From the looks of these pictures we were pretty awesome. Did I mention that I bought our little group an entire bottle of tequila?? It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Note to self. Next time you think it's a good idea to buy an entire bottle of tequila at 2:00 am. DO IT!!!! When it's 2:00 am you are not going to convince yourself otherwise and you will make lots of friends on the streets of cabo when you realize your party can't drink it all. It also makes you think you are a super fantastic dancer and you dance until you get a blister the size
of Kansas on your foot. (thank goodness I spared you the picture of that, ewe). Had you not had that bottle of tequila you would not have that little reminder of how great you really thought you were. Follow that?? Good you must be a tequila drinker.

Oooo yup and here we are back to the pictures of loving each other. Can you see my brain up through my nose? Oh yah and here is Brandon and I dancing. He thinks he won the dance contest. All I can say is he didn't do it alone. YEEHAW!!!!! CABO WEDDING 2008!


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