Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To Doin' it right and Epiphany's!

To Doin' it right and Epiphany's!

If there is one thing Cabo and being 61 teaches you, is how to "do it right" any other way is a waste of time. Kathy is the Queen of doin' it right. So for her birthday she rented a yacht. An 83 footer named "The Mick". Basically that's about six times bigger than all of these boats and 20 times smaller than this cruise ship. Of course I did not get a picture of "the Mick". I was too overcome with excitement. But you kind of get the idea. Think St. Tropez big sexy boat filled with the sexy elite. Kinda like that but with a Mexi-Midwestern twist...hot!

We cruised up the Sea of Cortez. Past Villa Miguel, where we swung in the bay for a closer view and a picture. It was pretty hard to see from the boat. But we knew where it was and that the people staying there could see us perfectly. Kind of fun to have the tables turned and be one of the boats that we always watch.

As we made our way up the coast to Santa Maria bay. The hours got long and our sailors grew weary. So to keep the sanity and off-set the scurvy we drank lots of margarita's and took pictures of ourselves.
When we finally made it to Santa Maria bay. The anchor wouldn't hold due to the wild south wind, so we had to move onto Chileano beach for some snorkeling. Our friend Betty Lopez told us that every year at this time, Semana Santa or Holy week (the week before Easter) the wind really starts to blow. She says it's a reminder of what this time of year means. I like that.

Chileano beach is where things really got good. To snorkel for any amount of time it's best to wear a wet-suit because the water is pretty chilly . Putting on the wet-suit was quite a struggle for most of us, but see those long legged girls in the back? They had no problem. They are my nieces, to bad we're not related genetically. The rest of us tugged and squeezed , sucked in and shimmied. All in front of everybody. We actually planned that activity to bring the family closer together. A sort of team building for the clan.
Yay we did it. And don't we all look so much closer as a family??? The conditions at Chileano were less than ideal. However, we were able to keep the anchor stable for a bit. Just long enough for some of us to get in the water and see some fishies. It was harder work than anticipated with the wind and a little bit of current and no life jackets and an anchor that didn't seem to want to stay and a little bit of claustrophobia and freezing ass water, but we did it . We saw fish and by golly that's we came to do...now lets get back on the boat and really get this party started...RIEEEGHT!
Cruising home. Many of us made a costume change for our champagne toast at the arch. We were ready for the photo opp. , but with the wind and all of the people we just couldn't get that money shot of all of us. But this is a good one that shows the wind and that we are having fun.
After our Champagne toast at the arch. We drove through the marina and docked. Which was pretty challenging with the wind, and we send out major props to our El Capitan Jimmie. While docked we turned on the party music and started dancing. Well, actually it was mostly me. My niece Kathryn was mortified , "Auntie Anni...people can see youAH" Without trying mortifying my nieces has become some what of a past time. It's pretty fun, you hardly have to do anything. Susannah didn't seem to mind so much and I got to teach her the Salsa that I had learned a couple of weeks before. A couple of others joined in and we had a regular ole dance party in the marina. Very "Housewives of Orange County" of us, only way classier. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this because I was to busy bustin' up the dance floor. But I hope you have a mental image.Then the mosquito's came. Nope not the Minnesota state bird, these guys, a mariachi band. They crooned to us during dinner. To be kind, I'm just not even going to talk about dinner. Lets just say there was food and leave it at that. The music was good though and the party fantastic. Mom got the biggest carrot cake I've ever seen and we all had a grand ole time.Feliz Cumpleanos, Momma, Kathy (Katty in Spanish), Nana! And Muchas Mas Anos!!!!!


At March 19, 2008 at 7:43 PM , Blogger Alison Lea Photography said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy!
You are one spectacular woman.

Much love,


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