Saturday, March 29, 2008

Real life in MN

This first picture is for my Cabo buddies. Just to let them see a little taste of where I come from. I took this snowy little picture about 5 minutes ago and since them the ground is now entirely white and big flakes of snow keep falling. Brrrrr. Not nice. Ophelia and I feel the same way. Boots hats and mittens. No good. Moving on, because I think all my Minnesota cohorts are getting tired of my complaining.

To brighten things up I have some pictures from Easter of a couple of cutie bunnies looking for Easter eggs. My cousin's hosted at their new house this year, which was great cuz it took a little pressure off of my mom. Their house worked perfectly and we all had a great time watching the girls look for easter eggs.
A few other updates that are new for being home is that Ophelia is going to start school 3 mornings a week, starting this Tuesday. Yay for all of us! AND I bought her a potty. She's just getting used to it. I told her a smile while I took a picture and this is the face I got. Isn't that a riot! I'm totally saving this to show her boyfriends when she's 25 (because she doesn't get any boyfriends before that). Yah thats right I'm going to be the overprotective mother who enjoys humiliating their child. Ok we all know thats not true. I love her. I love everybody. Where's my sunshine? Read the blog previous to this one for the real good stuff.


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